How to Make Your Home More Secure in a Dangerous World

Home security is a paramount concern for families today. More and more people are investing in comprehensive home security systems which protect home, property and the lives of the people inside. These multifaceted systems are highly precise, and linked to sophisticated monitoring stations. Families are contacted by phone to see if in fact there is an intrusion. If there is no response, the security monitors alert the police.These advanced home security systems are the first-line of defense against intrusion and invasion. With sound and motion sensors, alarms and connectivity to the police, the chances of losing any valuables or any harm being done to family members if greatly reduced.But there are other measures you can take which are a second line of defense to make sure your home is safe and secure. If you are out of the house for an extended period of time, you can create the illusion that someone is home by leaving lights in house or by leaving a TV or radio on in a room where a burglar could break in. This, coupled with a quality home security system is a good burglar deterrent.Make sure your doors are secure and that all exterior doors have good locks. Do not leave extra keys under doormats, over the door ledge or any other obvious hiding place. Burglars will usually find them and make use of them. If you have an armed security system, even this would not be a problem, because when that door is opened and the alarm is armed, the burglar would have to know the password. The alarm is triggered when the password is not entered and the police are notified, but your burglar has probably made a clean getaway. Still, no hiding keys in hiding places. If you forget to arm your alarm system, the burglar can have a field day in your home.Another good plan of action to have to prevent burglaries is to plan ahead before you go on vacation. Having lights on a timer is actually not a deterrent for burglars at all. Chances are they are casing out your neighborhood and looking for patterns like this. While you’re away, adjust your telephone ring to the lowest possible volume. A consistently unanswered phone is another tipoff to burglars that no one is home. Also don’t let mail and newspapers pile up. Have a friend or neighbor take them for you. A pile of newspapers on a door stoop is another sign for burglars that no one is home and the house is ripe for burglary.Another tip is frightening, but in today’s present circumstances you can never be too careful. Burglars are getting brasher and home invasions are on the rise. This is not merely a burglary, but usually a dangerous criminal who will try to force their way into your home. Do not answer any unexpected knocks without identifying the person behind the door. If in doubt, don’t open up. Call the police or trigger your home security system to scare off the potential home invader.None of these tips are failsafe and should only be used in conjunction with an advanced professionally installed home security system that monitors your home 24 hours a day. But in an insecure world, these measures can help prevent a burglary or home invasion, giving your family an extra measure of security.