New Home Mortgage – How Credit Score Can Affect Your Lending Cost

Credit score is a major factor when trying to obtain a home mortgage. And you will know if there is indeed a problem is when you present your score and a prospective lender isn’t giving you any further financial attention. However nowadays loan requiring only good credit history is a thing of the past. Even people with low credit score will be able to find a home loan that they can use to purchase their own home. However, new home mortgage using bad credit will be costing you more because of higher interest rates. So, technically, it is more advantageous to apply for a home mortgage if you can present a good credit score.Select the right lenderIf you have a low credit score, it is likely that you will not be able to acquire a home mortgage with the lender of your choice. And it can be quite difficult to change to a new lender as you have to make documentation of your second mortgage try just like you first time. This extra effort and time spent on documentation for the lender is one of the most taxing parts of applying for new home loan.Duration of LoanThe time that you will spend in order to finish the repayment of the new mortgage loan is definitely affected by the credit report. This aspect is perhaps less significant than the other factors, however it is still important enough to be taken into financial consideration. The most obvious impact is when a low credit report leads to a higher interest rate. With such high rate, payments will certainly be exorbitant for the borrower especially of shorter payment term is chosen. And so, the borrower has to switch to a longer term in order to make payment more manageable, which on the other hand will make the borrower pay more in interests.Loan rateAs earlier mentioned, credit score of the borrower has a great impact on new home mortgage loan. As a rule, the lower the credit score, the higher will be the loan’s interest rate. And if the credit rating is very low, the borrower unfortunately might not get a normal home mortgage. It is without saying that better loan rates and terms are offered to borrower if he has good credit scores.Type of loanAnother factor concerning new home mortgage loan that is affected by your credit score is the type of loan available for borrowers. The major types of loan available include:1. Fixed rate mortgage
2. Adjustable rate mortgage
3. Balloon payment mortgagesBear in mind that some unscrupulous lenders will entice or even coerce the borrower to get an adjustable rate mortgage so that when interest rates increase, such increase will be the responsibility of the borrower and not the lender. Borrowers must likewise avoid drawing a loan that might result in the negative equity on the home property and this will financially impact you greatly.