A Practical Guide to Reading Tarot Professionally in the Home Environment

Excellent news! You want to read Tarot professionally and are ready to take those first steps to turning your hobby into your own home industry. You have studied, devoted time, dedication and perhaps expense to learning and understanding this wonderful Art. You have practised too on family and friends who have commented favourably, spurring you on to widening your client base.Working from home can be ideal as you can fit your sessions around family life, or other commitments and of course, you can save on expenses, such as buying or renting commercial properties. You may want to check though that you can operate a business from your home property, as some property contracts may prohibit this.Now, let’s assume you have mentioned to family members that you are about to do this, for they need to be comfortable with clients coming to your home. It may also be a good time to consider parking issues here, as you might find that a family member’s car might get ‘blocked in’, by your client. Folk can get a bit disgruntled if they can’t get their vehicle off the drive!Your next consideration is to where you’ll site your reading area. It’ll need to be quiet, private and comfortable. Would your reading area have its own direct access? If not, you’ll need to bring your client through the private areas in your home, such as sitting room or the kitchen. Perhaps you might have sheds or outbuildings that you could utilise or convert to a reading room, but bear in mind local planning legislation.Now here’s a thorny subject! Don’t forget ‘health and safety’ implications such as fire, clear access to and from the reading area, adequate lighting, heating and ventilation. Your client might have travelled to see you, so you may need to think about providing access to a washroom for the ‘comfort stop’. If you are thinking of providing some refreshments to your client then remember that hygiene regulations may apply.
Could you accommodate the less able bodied client who may have mobility or sight challenges?Your family pet may be a source of pride and joy, but not all of your clients may welcome it, due to allergies. Rover or Tiddles might have to spend an hour or so, in another part of the house or garden.Tarot needn’t be taxing! Well, it might, for you need to consider that if you are charging fees, you’ll be looking at keeping financial records with a view to paying a tax bill. Also, check local legislation regarding trading standards. Have you thought about Insurance? As you are dealing with the public, you may need to insure yourself or your practice and of course, your home insurance may change from residential to business. Take full advice from the relevant, professional bodies concerned, this is important.Just to cheer you up further, security is an issue that you need to think about. You’ll make many new friends through your Tarot reading but remember you’ll be inviting strangers into your home. Personal safety is paramount and you may feel more comfortable knowing another family member or friend is in the house with you. Alternatively, can you contact a trusted person at the start and end of your session so that they know you are safe and sound.You might have clients who decide to all come together in a ‘block’ booking and decide to have their reading ‘one at a time’. (Believe me, it happens) Have you thought about a waiting area for those who await their turn and is the area secure? Whilst you and your guest are out of sight, others may take a little tour of your house and if it’s unattended, you might find you are burgled. Ours is a real world and not everyone in it is honourable so you might want to think about lockable doors, or an alarm system.These guidances are by no means exhaustive so you may already be thinking of other issues which are pertinent to you and which require you to put on your thinking cap.It is important to have a safe, secure and legal foundation to your practice. It will give you integrity and structure to your sessions and your clients will recognise that you are taking care, not just in your Tarot reading, but taking care of them and yourself. This will enhance and benefit your reputation which will grow and flourish.The good news is that once you have the ‘boring stuff’ attended to, you can turn your attention to matters which are more fun, for example, furnishing and decorating your reading area, but that is another story for another time!

Thinking of the Good Things in Life? Think Ibiza – A Great Place to Invest in Real Estate Properties

Ibiza is a tiny 45 km by 25 km island situated 90 kms away on the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. This island became a household name after “Vengaboys” sang a song describing the island and its activities. Forming a part of the Balearic Islands, this power packed small island is favored by tourists from all across Europe who not only come especially to visit it, but also use it as a stopover destination while visiting other places. With its mild climate, tourist friendly people and sun kissed beaches, Ibiza offers tourists the right choice to either change to a fast or slow life, depending upon one’s need. With a wide range of activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, hiking etc during the day and a wide choice of pubs, bars and discos at night, Ibiza is a lazy island by day and a thumping one by night.Since tourism is the major source of income in this island, it makes better sense to invest in a Sea view villa or home. Property rates in Ibiza are on the increase because the small size of the island offers limited construction and the increase in tourism demands more housing space.You can check out the various Ibiza properties for sale on the Internet and checking out various Websites. In case you are interested in purchasing any property, it is better to use the services of an experienced local real estate agent based in Ibiza. These agents should have a team of lawyers and should have tie ups with various banks and notaries to ensure that all your paperwork gets completed while complying fully with the required legal requirements. Many of these agents do not charge a commission to the buyer, so this too could be of advantage to you. You can either buy a ready-made villa or home or you can even buy a plot of land and construct it as per your taste. If you are planning to rent it out then the agent can suggest areas near the beach, which most tourists prefer. This will ensure that your property stays booked most of the timer. If you have a tight budget, then you can even invest in an apartment. You can first survey Ibiza personally with your agent. According to the age bracket you wish to lease your property to, you can either buy one near the nightclubs or near the parks!Ibiza might be a small island, but it can be big in revenue. With its close proximity to the Spanish mainland, fine weather, abundance of day activities and an active nightlife, this island offers you a golden chance of making an investment, which has an appreciating future. So, take out your map and book that first flight and come find the best Ibiza properties for sale.

5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Rental Homes

Investing in rental homes is one of the best financial decisions one can make. Being such a major investment, you should not rely entirely on your judgment alone. However, seeking the help of an agent can put you under pressure to buy a property that does not really suit you when you want to search some more. You will need to have an unbiased approach towards any property and neighborhood that is within the range of your budget. This will be determined by whether you intend to personally manage the property yourself (to be a landlord) or you intend to hire a management company because of the factor of proximity.Here are some of the factors you will need to consider in your search for a rental property:NeighborhoodsThe location of the property determines the quality of the neighborhood, which determines the types of tenants to expect as well as how often you should expect vacancies. For instance, a property located near a university will attract tenants who are students and there will be regular vacancies during vacations.SchoolsSome of your tenants may be families with school-going children. If these are the type of tenants you want, you need to look for a place that is near a decent school. This means you will have to check the quality of the nearby school, because it will have a bearing on the value of the investment, as well as the length of time tenants live in the property. Families with school-going children are generally long-term tenants and are the great for your rental homes.Property TaxesYou need to find out from the town’s assessment office all the tax information, and also speak to other homeowners within that community to learn more. High taxes should go hand in hand with an excellent neighborhood and long-term tenants, but this does not always happen. This may affect the value of your investment.CrimeDo your research on accurate crime statistics of the neighborhoods that you target. You can get all the information you need from the police or the public library. Vandalism rates, petty crimes, serious crimes, as well as recent activity (in terms of growth) are items to look for.JobsGrowing employment opportunities in locations are an attractive feature of any town. The local library can provide that information. The arrival of a major company would also mean an influx of workers in the area.These are just a few of the factors that you need to consider if you want to invest in rental homes.